WordPress Ate My Post

Thanks to the known (for at least a year and a half?) issue of “New Post” at the top right failing to use autosave, I lost two hours of work. As is, I feel distraught enough that I can’t quite restart in good faith at the moment.

Let this be a lesson: don’t write in WordPress’s editor. That’s a shockingly negligent problem, considering the volume of threads wondering where an auto-saved post went and being told, “Oh, did you start from there? Yeah, it’s gone forever. Oops!”

Incredibly disappointing.


So This Is the New Year…

Well, it’s 2014.

Every year I seem to flutter into a new approach to how to write about music, as one of my driving instincts is to share music, but an audience that is attuned to such a thing is not something I’ve yet grasped how to acquire (indeed, most of my traffic–what isn’t spam–is folks looking at something they already like). Of course, I understand–even my wide splatter of taste is informed more at random than it is by seeking out explicit and continual sources of new material, barring those cases where it comes as a by-product of what I’m doing otherwise, as is most readily seen in my affection for Nevermind the Buzzcocks and much of the music it exposed me to.

So, all I can do is type out words into the ether, maybe here and there actually clicking with someone, and maybe not. This format still seems logical to me, as it has that “hook” of the familiar, surrounded by things that aren’t.

I may relax the alphabet, or otherwise change up the progression (as facing Album XY, or Z would often leave me faced with forced listening), but I think I’ll stick with the overall theme of my own collection, unless I can again wrangle in some of my good friends to include their own thoughts.

What I think should start the year is a countdown of the top 10 albums–for me personally, of course, not necessarily as definitive answers–of 2013, as I own most of them on vinyl as well as CD. There’s at least one exception, and that would be number ten, hence this very entry.

It skirts the line for me on a multi-medium purchase, but it’s Neko Case’s record from last year–I haven’t got anything against it, obviously, but also no overriding instinct to double up on it, for whatever reason. I suppose, then, that’s why it comes in at ten. I do, however, own all 9 of the others on vinyl, so if I can manage around work, you can look forward to them (or down on them, if you so choose!) over the next nine days.

Cheers to anyone still here to see this!

On Failures:

Well, I’ve successfully failed to maintain an entry a day, a week, and shortly a month, it seems. It’s not for lack of interest–it’s now for serious lack of time. I’ve usually got chunks of one filtering slowly into a draft stage, but I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment. Now, you’re most likely not reading regularly anyway–I don’t think anyone does–and indeed have no reason for this to affect your reading one way or the other, be you familiar, unfamiliar, or accidentally present. It is, however, the state of things. I intend to write as much as I am able, that simply seems to be, unfortunately, not an awful lot. That my collection’s growth outpaces my writing isn’t helping, of course. Still, Alejandro Escovedo’s Real Animal has been spinning off and on for a few weeks as I attempt to get that entry together.

Keep checking in, I haven’t abandoned ship!

There Is More to Come

I’m currently settling into a new job and working more hours than I have been for nearly a year, and it’s cropping down a lot of my time for both record listening and writing, and much of the time I have has been spent on adjacent activities (like buying more records!) and whittling down so far that I’m left in too great a crunch to take the time I think anyone who stops to read here deserves.

Being at the spot in the alphabet I am has also not helped, as it has left me on an artist I didn’t feel in the right place to write about, but with the option to sidle over to a few other options if I reconsider how I treat alphabetization of things like initalizations (that is, I could, instead of hitting Thomas Dolby, hit upon D.O.A. and get into the issue of hardcore punk again, with its very namesake release).

That said, I am about to settle into a more consistent schedule, and it will mean a plan for distinct, weekly entries on Fridays, each week.

If the time occurs, I’ll slip a few more in, but look forward to Fridays for records you may know and love, some you may have heard whispers about, and others you’ll question my sanity for listening to, let alone owning (perhaps).

Day [Null] – Prior Hiatus

Due to the interruptions of regular life, rendering access to a turntable and free-time (and especially the two together) extremely difficult, I have been unable to proceed with the letter “D”. I appreciate your patience as I work to get past this little interruption, and I am eager to get back to this, and perhaps re-design the exact approach I take to the process. I think it will all be for the best, and hope you keep an eye out, as it should not be long.

My sincere apologies for not keeping up!